Paper vs Digital: The Pros and Cons of Digital vs Paper Stamp Cards
In a previous article I mentioned the specific kinds of cell punch cards. A lot of humans have asked me to summarize the professionals and cons of paper vs digital cards. So, right here’s my go-to list that optimistically might help postage stamps you decide among the 2 alternatives: Paper Stamp Cards Pros Easy to supply Can be particularly cheap (depending on print/layout nice) Can be designed with a excessive diploma of customization Customers "get it" without a getting to know barrier Appeals to non-tech-savvy customers Cons Cannot gather customer information Cannot "talk" to clients thru the cardboard Difficult to edit software (ought to reprint) Customers lose or forget them Difficult to launch advanced programs Easy to forge stamps or playing cards Must manipulate inventory of playing cards No POS integration One large gain that paper cards have over digital playing cards is the tactile “look & feel” a bodily card can supply to your clients. If you’re inclined to invest in high exceptional paper plus an amazing design, handing out a lovely paper loyalty card can truely beautify the customer’s revel in with your logo. The drawback, of course, is that you may be hoping and praying the cardboard remains for your patron’s pockets. You’ll be fighting for valuable “shelf-area” in an already crowded handbag or wallet. Digital Stamp Cards Iphone Screenshot of Flex Rewards Digital Loyalty Card for The Real Fruit Icecreamery Pros Customers never lose or forget Edit/exchange application effortlessly No inventory control Can be as cheap as paper playing cards (depending on carrier) Promote directly to customers via their telephones (using push notifications, emails, and many others.) Collect statistics (construct your purchaser database) Can issue Birthday & Welcome gifts Generates phrase-of-mouth referrals Cons May no longer attraction to older demographic Advanced customizations may be difficult Relies on tech assist for resolving troubles (like changing purchaser cards) Digital stamp cards are the way of the future. You’ll ultimately have the virtual tools to seize your customer’s interest when they bodily leave your save (paper cards can’t do this!). Also, a few might argue that digital stamp card systems will let you update (or lessen) your Facebook and Google marketing prices. If your customers are geared up to include what’s coming around the nook, then it’s likely smart to get beforehand of the curve and begin experimenting with a digital loyalty stamp card now. The disadvantage, of direction, is that you will be handling new tech. This can discourage a lot of people. Fortunately, but, loyalty stamp card structures are getting better every day, and it received’t be lengthy till they grow to be exquisite-easy to apply. Good luck along with your preference, and can your stamp card continually hook your clients!

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